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THE FRONT YARD — Though any sort of history about the act of toilet papering is surprisingly hard to find on the internet, I think it’s safe to say that people have been engaging in this simple form of pranking for decades.

But I’m pretty sure George Mattus wins for the most high-tech execution of a “TP-ing” prank.

Mattus is the 20-year-old CEO of the Utah drone company Teal Drones. He was the subject of quite a bit of national attention after he launched his commercial drone startup when he was just 18. His drones have even been called the “iPhones of drones.”

Earlier this year, Mattus used one of his drones for a bit of unusual fun: to prank his COO, Billy McGuire, in honor of McGuire’s second anniversary with the company.

In this video, you can see it all go down. Mattus pulls up to McGuire’s house and first double checks that McGuire isn’t home.

“I don’t know if this is really mean or not. Should we still do it?” Mattus asks in the video after confirming that McGuire is out having dinner with his wife.

Mattus hesitates for a second, but after encouragement from his cameraman, he decides to go ahead with the prank. In just a minute or so, with the help of his drone, the house’s front yard has a fresh roll of toilet paper spread across its trees and roof.

The video is fun, but to be honest, I’m surprised Mattus didn’t get caught. Drones are not exactly quiet. Regardless, I’m impressed by how efficient this prank was. But I still cannot condone toilet papering in any way.

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Mary Dalrymple, KSL.com

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